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Assist Us in Spreading Jeshua's Message

Many of you have asked us how you may assist us in spreading the Message of Love, Joy and Awareness which Jeshua shares with us. There are many paths of serving or, as Jeshua has said, "Allowing ourselves to Give." Below we have listed several ways. When you read one that interests you, please send us a message so we may contact you and allow you to join us in our service. In addition, your monetary assistance can be given for specific purposes. Just click on the "Donate" button and choose from the options presented when you arrive at the PayPal site. (You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate. Credit cards are acceptable, as well as checks or cash, but you must call for assistance in giving the latter two.) All donations are deductible as Oakbridge is a 501c entity.

Indexing Messages

     With almost 30 years of messages in print, we need a method of indexing the topics of each message. This is a tedious undertaking, but promises to be rewarding once finished. If you enjoy reading the messages, and would like to see topics to be easily accessible via computer, consider choosing this service by submitting your name, location and email below.

Funding Book 10

     As Jeshua continues to share his messages, they will be shared through the continuation of the "Jeshua, The Personal Christ" series. At the present time, we are working on Book 10 in the series. Consider donating to this cause by clicking on the donate button above and choosing the option of Funding Publishing.

Supporting the Website

     To continue allowing access to the messages and videos of Jeshua as they are presented, as well as providing resources for ongoing classes and workshops, we have promises of upgrading the website. As always, this takes the "golden coins". If you enjoy the website and wish to see it continue to provide the activities and information from Jeshua, please donate to this service. Click on the donate button above and choose the option of Website support.

Home Book Studies

     Jeshua: the Personal Christ series of books will soon be available with a Study Guide for your exploration. Perfect for in-home groups, this study will help share the Love and the Joy of Jeshua's messages. If you wish to lead a group study, please contact us by submitting your name, location and email in the form below.

Supporting the General Mission

     If you wish to simply support Oakbridge through your donation, you have a choice of a one-time or ongoing, monthly donation. Simply click the Donate button above and then click on the appropriate boxes in the resulting PayPal donation dialog box.

Spreading the Message

     We are asking the Universe for a donors to help underwrite a professional presentation and recording of projects like the Christmas Story: Remembrance for an annual Sharing. If you can help or know of someone who would like to help in this undertaking, please let us know through the form below.

Book Translator

     With the Jeshua: the Personal Christ series of books becoming popular in non-English speaking countries, we are in need of volunteers with commanding expertise in both English and their native language to translate this powerful messages. If you meet these requirements, can offer references, and wish to be of service, please contact us by submitting your information in the form below.

Educational Topics

     Assist us in making Oakbridge University relevant to your life. Submit topics suitable for Workshops or Classes by completing the form below.


     We are in need of a Webmaster who uses the Macintosh computer and is familiar with the program "Rapidweaver" This has been a volunteer position, but we are willing to consider some compensation. If qualified, please fill out the form below.

Volunteer to Serve

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