Prayer Ministry


     Josie Johnson-Rogers heads the Prayer Ministry of Oakbridge University. Other members of the team are Flossie Jordan, Rena Winfield, and Bronwyn Brock. Whenever you, or someone you know, is in need of prayer, send a note to the Prayer Ministry Team using the form at the bottom of this page. One of the prayer Ministers will contact you and pray with you.
     This service, from Oakbridge University, is to comfort, assure and bless.

Confidential Prayer Submission Form

All names submitted will stay on the prayer list for 30 days unless removed before that time. All prayers and information are confidential..

Please enter the name of the person to be prayed for. This may be just the first name, full name, or a description (e.g., "my cousin").

Please enter any comments to assist the Prayer Minister in his/her prayers. (Optional)

Please enter your email. This is for the purpose of sending the request to the Oakbridge Prayer Minister.

If you have been blessed by this prayer ministry and wish to leave a free-will offering, you may do so by filling in the information below


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