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Over the years, audio recordings have been made of the presentations given by Jeshua and the Holy Family. Beginning with simple cassette tape recordings, until today's present digital recordings, these provide invaluable insights into the interactions between incarnate and non-incarnate human beings.

For many people, the more leisurely reading of Jeshua's teachings by the written word is a more desired method of study. For this reason, many of the audio and visual recordings have been transcribed and are presented here.

In the early years while on a retreat, Jeshua asked, "Why do you call it a retreat? Everyone's Advancing!" Ever since that time, the weekend or week-long gatherings have been called Advances. They are a time of Fellowship where friendships are formed, insights are manifested, and people experience the true meaning of unconditional love.

Taken from a compilation of the Christmas story by Jeshua, Mother Mary and Father Joseph, this is an annual celebration given by Oakbridge. Presented via Zoom, it is available to all who sign up to receive the Zoom log-in information

From the early video cameras to the digital video cams and Zoom recordings of the present time, Oakbridge has attempted to keep a record of Jeshua's love and wisdom.

Each month Oakbridge publishes a short newsletter containing a redacted version of one of Jeshua's messages. Along with the message, there is a column by Judith Coates containing information of interest to the Oakbridge membership.

An Intensive is like an Advance, but… well, more intensive! Centered around individual and group development, with opportunities to ask questions of Jeshua (channelled by Judith Coates) as he guides us deeper into our personal growth, an Intensive is a new activity added in 2019 for the first time. Since 2020 the Intensives have been held over ZOOM, allowing many others to participate.

This area is the fastest-growing aspect of Oakbridge University. Various audio recordings of Jeshua's teachings and short meditations, along with meditations presented by Rev. Eva McGinnis and taken from the pages of Jeshua's teachings are presented through beautiful music and artwork of Mirian Sanches. In addition, there are a few podcasts of the messages of Jeshua presented by Helena Maria.

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