Certificate #3: Teaching or Ministeral Training

Teaching or Ministerial training for broader outreach and commitment to universal service. It is based upon Jeshua's directive to us:

“Encourage the brothers and sister to live Life, to come truly alive. Perhaps by small steps at first.  Encourage them to try new ideas, to look for the good, the joy which the Father has for them.  Encourage them by example.”

  • Teaching Option:
    • Adult Learning Principles
    • Effective Presentation skills
    • Leading Jeshua Book Studies and other Spiritually centered writings
    • Building a transformational spirituality curriculum
    • Teaching Capstone Project on nontraditional paths to engaging adults in spiritual transformation.

  • Ministerial Ordination Option
    • Ministerial counseling skills
      • Couples and Family Communication skill-building
      • Supporting people through loss and grief and other difficult times
      • Crisis Counseling
    • Officiating at life junctions and transitions
    • Mentored practicum in community or at OU
    • Ministerial Capstone or Thesis: Contribution to original metaphysical writings or creative practical project in ministry

Integrative Electives available at all three levels and from sister university, Gateway University

  • Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Peace Studies, Diversity training, History etc.
  • Practical computer and social media skills
  • Online course creation skills
  • Powerful Board Member skills
  • Service projects for serving Oakbridge University mission

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