Oakbridge University Master of Arts Degree Program in Transformational Spirituality

     We at Oakbridge University have been directed to share the powerful universal truths and practices that Jeshua, Joseph/St. Germaine, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene have imparted to us over the last 30 plus years. These principles promote the conscious awareness of the “Kingdom Within” and of our Oneness with Source. This knowledge empowers us to manifest unlimited goodness in the outer world. We choose to live from Peace, Love, Abundance and deep Joy. This point of view is not an abstract idea, but a grounded transformative process of daily practice and study resulting in practical and transformational spirituality.

The Objectives for this program are:

  1. To live meaningful and dynamic lives grounded in the knowledge of our Divine birthright manifesting as Christ Consciousness.
  2. To fulfill our earthly mission, while contributing to bringing about the vision of Heaven on Earth, a dawning of a new golden age based on Love, Peace and Joy.
  3. To take on a conscious personal ministry of service.

     This Master of Arts degree will require 90 credits (with an additional 5 credits for an Ordination option). Prior life experience credit may be obtained for relevant academic and life experiences (such as speaking, writing or community leadership experiences etc.).
     Progress will be made by building skills, knowledge and personal growth through
three separate certificate programs that build to the degree or ordination:

Transformational Spirituality Curriculum

     Each student designs their own program of study comprised of knowledge, skills and attitudes expected to achieve mastery for certificates and degree with the support of OU faculty.  In choosing the coursework or independent study according to their own inner guidance, the most important aspect of this curriculum is that students experience transformation into fully Awakened Christ consciousness, ready to fulfill their life’s mission. 

For More Information:

     This Master of Arts degree program is not accredited by any official educational agency.  A program must be in existence for several years before it can undergo evaluation.  Nevertheless, our success depends on the spiritual evolution of our graduates, which is subjective and best evaluated by the participants themselves.

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