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     Josie Johnson-Rogers heads the Prayer Ministry of Oakbridge University. Whenever you, or someone you know, is in need of prayer, send a note to her using the form at the bottom of this page.
     When Josie prays for you, you
KNOW you have been prayed for!

A Musical Prayerwritten and sung by Josie Johnson-Rogers

Prayer of the Week

Hello My Friends! We Are Living, Moving, And Having Our Being In The Sea Of Love.  We Know This Because We Are Breathing.  The Compass To Our Lives Is Within Us, Waiting For Us To Turn Within, Listen, Trust, And Move On Our Guidance.  We can see that Change Is Upon us.  We Are Being Asked To Participate In Life In Ways That Are Harmonious, and For The Good Of All Of Us.  We Can No Longer Say I Got Mine, Now You Get Yours.  When The Storms Of Life Comes We All Feel The Pinch Or The Flood.   
The Banquet Table is set with everything We need for a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.  What I know is important is that We Don't Deny The Joy That Lies Within.  When We Are Joyful We Are Open To The Infinite Good.  We Are Available To Be A Channel For The Good Of Self And Others.  When We Are In A State Of So-Called Seriousness We Are Looking Outside Of Ourselves For Answers And Supply.  We Are Like The Fish That Are Wet In Water.  We Are Wet In The Spirit Of All That Is. Let's Call Love Forth In The Spirit Of  All For One, And One For All.  This Oneness Thinking Does Not Take Away The Responsibility For Us To Take Care Of Ourselves, But We Won't Do So In Isolation.  What Good Is Having A Beautiful Home, And There Is Garbage Everywhere Because We Won't Take Care Of One Another?
 We Know Laughter Is Like A Medicine With No Adverse Side Affects.  When We Are Laughing We Forget The Whatevers, Howevers,  Whomevers, and The Wherevers.  The Cells In Our Bodies Relax And Begin Again To Heal The Whatevers. When We Are Laughing There Is No Room To Take Ourselves So-Seriously, Believing There Is Nothing and No One To Be Of Help.  We Are All Connected To The One Breath, Therefore, When We Turn Within, Believing, Help Is On The Way.  You Have Already Proved What I Am Saying.  I Know I Have Proved It To Myself Over, And Over Again.
Joy Is At The Core Of Our Being Waiting For Us To Turn To Her and Really Live.
Joy Does Not Depend On The Do's And Don't, The Haves And The Have Nots. 
Joy Freely Gives Unconditionally, She Is Our Divine Nature. Let's Allow Joy Her Freedom To Express Through Our Life, World, and Affairs.She Can Really Get Things Done, As We're Feeling Good Doing It!

Peace, and Blessings, Love Josie- HeartSong,, Thank You!

Josie's Prayer for All


Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Mother Of Christ, we invite you into our conscious awareness, so that we may feel what lies in us, as us — Your Divine, Unconditional Love.

Help us to hear your gentle voice in all that we think, feel, say, and do. Help us to see beyond the appearances and remember that we are beyond it all, And Our role is to
NOT JUST HOLD THE LIGHT, but to BE THE LIGHT even in the midst of seeming darkness.

Though it may appear otherwise, we are leaving behind everything that does not look and feel like Love.

We will rise from these ashes like the Phoenix. Yes, of this we have no doubt. Yet we ask you to walk with us, Beloved Mother.

Dearest Mother Mary, Mother of Christ, send your beloved angels, seen and unseen, to walk with us as we move onward and upward into the conscious awareness of our divinity. Help us to feel this, express this, and know this from the depths of our souls.

Dearest Mother Mary, we are looking forward to the day, and days to come, that we, the brothers and sisters as the Christ, walk as One in peace!

Thank you, Beloved Mother Of Christ!
Peace be with us all. And So It Is!

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