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     Josie Johnson-Rogers heads the Prayer Ministry of Oakbridge University. Whenever you, or someone you know, is in need of prayer, send a note to her using the form at the bottom of this page.
     When Josie prays for you, you
KNOW you have been prayed for!

Musical Prayerswritten and sung by Josie Johnson-Rogers

Easter Prayer

Hello, Beloved, Oakbridge University Family, It's Easter, Hosanna!

How Divine, That  Our Hearts, And Minds Are Singing, Together, Hosanna!

Thank You, Beloved, Abba, For Embracing Us In Ways, Only You, 
Father, Can Do, As Us, Allowing Us To Play, Not Only On Gaia, But 
Intergalactically, As The Multidimensional Beings, That We Are, And Beyond,   How Divine!

Thank You, All That Is, For Jeshua Ben Joseph, As Expressed, Through, Judith Coates, And For Judith Coates, For Being An Open Channel In This Way.

 Thank You, Jeshua, For Agreeing To Demonstrate, For, And With The OneSelf, That We Are, That Life Is Eternal, That We Are Beyond, The Body, We're Not Living Life, We Are Life, ItSelf,  We Are, That, That Activates The Body, Therefore, We Can Never Be Lost Or Forgotten, For We Already Are, What We've Been Seeking. We Know This, We Show This, It's Easter, My Beloved Oakbridge University Family. Hosanna!

Happy, Glorious Easter, Your Resurrection Consciousness Has Taken Over My Soul, Embracing My Life, World, And Affairs. We Have Awakened From The Dream Of Death, Lack, Sickness, Or Anything, That Would Suggest, That We're Not Already, Whole, If We Should Find Ourselves Experiencing What Looks Like, Feels Like Pain, Suffering, Or Lack Of Any Kind, It Is Our Good Pleasure To Say,  Happy, Glorious Easter, Self.
Thank you,  Holy Spirit, As You Move Past My Doubts, And Fears, Renewing My Mind, Our Remembrance Of Whose, And What We Are In You, As You!

Thank You, Holy Spirit, For Embracing Us, Helping Me To Feel Your Unconditional Love Moving In, And Through, Every Cell, Muscle, Tissue, Fiber, Organs Of My Being, My Life, World, And Affairs, Reminding Me Of Our Divinity, We're In The World, Yet Of You, Father, Oh! How Grateful, We Are, For This Time Of Realization.

Yes, We Will Continue To Be The Light On Behalf Of Your Divine Love, Father,  So That We Can Offer Our Light To Our Brothers, And Sisters, That May Feel, That They Have Lost Their Way. 

Happy, Glorious Easter, Oakbridge University Family, Friends, And Loved Ones, 

Happy, Glorious Easter, Beloved World, And, All, That Dwells Therein
 Thank You, Jeshua Ben Joseph, Thank You, Judith Coates, I'm So
 Glad It's Easter, Yes We Are, Hosanna!

And, So It Is Amen, Hosanna!

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