Jeshua Audio Discourses

We have organized the audio recordings of Jeshua, Mother Mary, Father Joseph and Mary Magdalene according to the dates and the situation of each recording:

  1. Monthly Meetings - In these recordings you will discover many topics, always filled with his love for those present. These are given to meet the needs of those present, with special consideration for the newcomers to the meeting.
  2. Advances, - Recorded during week long gatherings of followers, there is a lot of energy within these messages as well as information from the lifetimes of those being channeled.
  3. Intensives - Recorded during week long gatherings of followers for more intense experiences with Jeshua and each other.
  4. Question and Answer - Who wouldn't like to hear an answer from Jeshua to the most pressing question on your mind? These sessions usually followed the monthly meeting recordings, or were a special feature of the Advances or Intensives.

The audio recordings of Jeshua have been made using various recording instruments over the years. For this reason the sound quality varies from recording to recording. Please forgive us for this difficulty although an attempt has been made to normalize the volume of each recording.

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