Peace Amidst Chaos

A Playshop led by Darrell Grey and William Evans

How to Find Peace

     We live in a divided world filled with strong opinions, conspiracy theories, revolution, revolt, police brutality, progressives vs conservatives, right vs left — Where can you find peace in all of this chaos?
     Join with us to discover practical, interactive methods for claiming the Peace which is yours for the accepting.
     Be prepared, in this interactive Playshop, to experiment and try new ways of creating Peace amidst the chaos of your life.

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Two Sessions: April 24th and May 8th. 3:00 - 5:00 pm PT.
Cost is $44 for both sessions.
Zoom login information will be sent upon registration.


  • Breathing-Methods.pdf

  • Peace-Amidst-Chaos-Playbook-Part-1.pdf

  • Peace-Amidst-Chaos-Playbook-Part-2.pdf

  • Peace-Comes-in-Myriad-Forms.pdf

  • Peace-Meditation.mp3

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Session 1 Video

Session 2 Video

About the Facilitators

Darrell Grey lives with his wife, Susan, on a mini-ranch in Texas and has discovered a way of life which incorporates an abundance of peace and happiness. Always ready to smile, Darrell is a practical individual who is always experimenting with new methods to bring harmony and joy into his life and the lives of those whom he touches.

William Evans is president and webmaster of Oakbridge University and has been a student and practitioner of spiritual matters for over 60 years. He is an author of two books, The Rainbow Promise and Ye'shua: The Advent. Presently he facilitates classes and workshops such as this one to enable others to learn with the heart as well as the mind.

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