Jesus and Mastership

A Book Study facilitated by William Evans

A Spiritual Study

     The Bible gives some information about the life of one Jesus of Nazareth, yet we often hunger for more. Jesus and Mastership, as dictated through James Coyle Morgan, presents us with a more complete picture of what Jesus may have experienced. Easy to read, the book contains much in the way of spiritual knowledge and understanding.
     In this interactive study, we will examine the spiritual ideas and discuss how they may affect us, with the practical goal of incorporating them into our lives. We will practice what we learn and share with each other what works best for us.
     The Study begins on April 28th, and will be held weekly on each Wednesday following. Time is 3:00-5:00 pm. PT via Zoom. Log-in information will be sent upon registration.
     Cost is $110 for the 11 sessions. (Scholarships are available. Please contact
William Evans for more information.)


This study will run weekly on Wednesdays 3:00 - 5:00 pm PT, beginning on April 28th.

Session 1: April 28 — Our Goals &
                   A Message from Jesus of Nazareth
Session 2: May 5  —  Chapter 1
Session 3: May 12 — Chapters 2 & 3
Session 4: May 19 — Chapters 4, 5, & 6
Session 5: May 26 — Chapters 7 & 8
Session 6: June 2 —  Chapters 9 & 10
Session 7: June 9 —  Chapters 11 & 12
Session 8: June 16 — Chapters 13 & 14
Session 9: June 23 — Chapters 15 &16
Session 10: June 30 — Chapters 17 & 18
Session 11: July 7  —  Chapters 19 & 20

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Class Study Notes

Session 1
  • JM Book Study Guide S1.pdf

Session 3
  • JM Book Study Guide S3.pdf

  • Session-3-meditation.mp3

Session 2
  • JM Book Study Guide S2.pdf

  • Session-2-meditation.mp3

Session Videos

About the Facilitator

William Evans, retired from a pastoral ministry of almost 50 years, is presently serving as president and webmaster for Oakbridge University. He has authored two books: The Rainbow Promise, a positive study of the symbolism found in the Biblical book of Revelation, and Yéshua: The Advent, a historical fiction of the preparations by the Essenes for the birth of the Messiah. After enjoying a life of spiritual study, he now enables others in their growing spirituality by sharing his knowledge and wisdom through studies such as this.

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