Book VII - The Personal ChristAbsolute Love, Infinite Light

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     In this beautiful volume, Jeshua leads us gently into an advanced curriculum . He uses our modern metaphors of holograms, robots and the expanding universe, to guide us to see ourselves through the lens of Divinity. At this next level, we are called into action to step out of the illusions that we have created and into our true birthright as incarnate Love powered by incoming galactic energy. This is truly an Awakening experience of our Oneness and our power to make our dreams come true, change the course of not only our own lives, but of this planet as well!
     Channeled through Judith Coates, this book is based on Jeshua Evenings sponsored by Oakbridge Press.
     Just as with the first six volumes, this study group will be an interactive opportunity to read, discuss and meditate on each chapter, in a safe and sacred space. Jeshua participates with us sometimes too. Study Guides provided for each chapter.

What you can expect to gain from attending this Jeshua Study Group:

  • Deepening of your understanding of Jeshua’s messages (as he intended).
  • Applying them to your life and experiencing more Love, Peace and Joy.
  • Manifesting your Divine Nature and creating Heaven on Earth in a loving community.

Time: Wednesday afternoons (approximately every other week) beginning June 24, 3 – 5 p.m. PT running for 12 sessions through December 2020 (specific dates TBA)
Place: Judy Coates' home in Sequim and over ZOOM.
Who should attend: Everyone who is willing to study and apply Jeshua’s messages.
You need not have read the first six volumes to benefit from this one.

Facilitator: Eva McGinnis, ordained Oakbridge minister and facilitator for Jeshua books 1-6

Cost: $120 for 12 sessions, or $100 if paid by 6/20/20 or have participated in any of the Study Groups.
Check made out to Oakbridge University, at PO Box 485, Sequim, Wa, 98382 or On-line at Look for Book Study to register by Credit Card.
In person or Zoom Drop-in fee is $10 per session or Love Offering. Participants please notify Eva ( at least two (2) days in advance, for ZOOM log-in by email.


(To listen to the related talk by Jeshua, please click on the underlined or red titles)

June 24, 2020

Chapter 1:
Preparation for the Shift
Chapter 2: The Hologram of Life

July 8, 2020

Chapter 3: The Power of Blended Holograms
Chapter. 4:
Holograms, Realities, and ETs

July 29, 2020 (note 3 week interval due to Advanced Intensive during previous week)

Chapter 5: The Ever-changing Hologram
Chapter 6:
Shared Holograms

August 12, 2020

Chapter 7: The Amazing Hologram
Chapter 8:
The Awakening Christ

August 26, 2020

Chapter 9: The True Meaning of Life
Chapter 10: Moving into Light Consciousness

September 9, 2020

Chapter 11: The Out-of-Body Experience
Chapter 12:
Connecting with Your God Self

September 23, 2020

Chapter 13: The Master Secret
Chapter 14:
Where Do We Go From Here?

October 7, 2020

Chapter 15: How Do I Love Thee?
Chapter 16:
The Questions Basic to Your Reality

October 21, 2020

Chapter 17: The Basic Law of the Universe
Chapter 18:
The Expanding Universe

November 4, 2020

Chapter 19: Your Robotic Self
Chapter 20:
Going Beyond Your Robotic Self:
Tuning in to Galactic Energy

November 18, 2020

Chapter 21: Do You Know How Blessed You Are?
Chapter 22: Endings and Beginnings

December 2, 2020

Chapter 23: Absolute Love, Infinite Light
Graduation Celebration

December 16, 2020

The Christmas Story: Remembrance
Download here

Notes from Study Group Facilitator:

  • Please read the chapters before the group meeting and contemplate questions that you may have, the discussion questions that are provided and the assignments.
  • Keep a journal of your journey through this book of your insights, questions, appreciations and anything else that seems relevant.
  • The more you invest in this study, the more you will benefit and grow in your Christ Consciousness .


  • 25-Chapter-22-Endings-and-Beginnings-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 24-Chapter-21-Do-You-Know-how-Blessed-you-are-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 23-Chapter-20-Going-beyond-Your-Robotic-Self-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 22-Chapter-19-Your-Robotic-Self-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 21-Chapter-18-The-Expanding-Universe-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 20-Chapter-17-Basic-Law-of-the-Universe-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 19-Chapter-16-Questions-Basic-to-your-Reality-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 18-Chapter-15-How-Do-I-Love-thee-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 17-Chapter-14-Where-do-we-go-from-here-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 16-Chapter-13-Master-Secret-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 15-Chapter-12-Connecting-with-your-God-Self-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 14-Chapter-11-Out-of-Body-Experience-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 13-Chapter-10-Moving-into-Light-Consciousnes-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 12-Chapter-9-True-Meaning-of-Life-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 11-Chapter-8-Awakening-Christ-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 10-Chapter-7-Amazing-Holograms-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 9-Chapter-6-Shared-Holograms-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 8-Chapter-5-Everchaning-Hologram-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 7-Chapter-4-Holograms-Realities-and-ETs-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 6-Chapter-3-Power-of-Blended-Holograms-Study-Guide-Book-7.pdf

  • 3-Preface-to-Book-7.pdf

  • 5-Chapter-2-Hologram-of-Life-Study-Guide-Book.pdf

  • 4-Chapter-1-Prep-for-Shift-Jeshua-Book-7.pdf

  • 2-Introduction-to-Book-7.pdf

  • 1-Opening-Page-Jeshua-Book-7.pdf

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