Book VI - The Personal ChristYou Are The Power of Now

The journey of the Awakening continues with this rich sixth volume, subtitled You are the Power of Now. The focus is on helping us to remember and embrace our Divine Nature. Jeshua does this with exquisite love and compassion for our human condition, as he asks us “What are you waiting for?”
Published in the year 2011, this volume contains explorations of Unlimited Possibilities, Manifesting our Desires, Ascension of the Collective Consciousness and much more. Always Jeshua brings us back to LOVE as our Source. Channeled through Judith Coates, this book is based on Jeshua Evenings sponsored by Oakbridge Press.

Just as with the first five volumes, this study group will be an interactive opportunity to read, discuss and meditate on each chapter, in a safe and sacred space. Jeshua participates with us sometimes too.
What you can expect to gain from attending this Jeshua Study Group:

  • Deepening of your understanding of Jeshua’s messages.
  • Applying them to your life and experiencing more Love, Peace and Joy and your Creative Divinity.
  • Manifesting your Holy Vision for the future in the ever present NOW.

Time: Wednesday afternoons (approximately every other week) beginning October 9th, 3 – 5 p.m. running for 13 sessions through March 2020 (specific dates TBA)
Place: 101 Emerald Highlands Way in Sequim
Conference Call option over a free Zoom conferencing system. (However, you must have own unlimited minutes calling plan.) Oakbridge is not liable for phone fees. Phone number and access details will be provided upon registration.
Who should attend: Everyone who is willing to study and apply Jeshua’s messages. You need not have read the first five volumes to benefit from this one.

Facilitator: Eva McGinnis, ordained Oakbridge minister and facilitator for Jeshua books 1-6


October 9, 2019
Chapter 1: The Temple of the Sun
Chapter 2: The New Consciousness
October 23, 2019
Chapter 3: Energy
Chapter. 4: Belief
November 6, 2019
Chapter 5: Manifesting Your Desires
Chapter 6: Unlimited Possibilities
November 20, 2019
Chapter 7: Dreams and Desires
Chapter 8: What Are You Waiting For?
December 4, 2019
Chapter 9: The Secret of Receiving
Chapter 10: Prophecies and the End of a Cycle
January 8, 2020
Chapter 11: The Voice of the Brotherhood
Chapter 12: The New Decade (Joseph/St Germain)
January 22, 2020
Chapter 13: The Measure of Mastery
Chapter 14: Let Not Your Heat Be Troubled
February 5, 2020
Chapter 15: The Origin and Future of Planet Earth
Chapter 16: Cross-Culture Multiculturalism
February 19, 2020
Chapter 17: Your Lineage
Chapter 18: Positive Ions
March 4, 2020
Chapter 19: Fifth Dimensional Perspective
Chapter 20: Starseeds of the Future
March 18, 2020
Chapter 21: Visionaries
Chapter 22: The Ascension of the Collective Consciousness
April 1, 2020
Chapter 23: The Necessity for Love (Joseph/St Germain)
Chapter 24: Memories
May 13, 2020
Chapter 25: You are the Power of Now
Chapter 26: The Hologram of Now
May 20, 2020
Chapter 27: The Parable of the Camel Trader
Chapter 28: The Parable of the Widow
Chapter 29: The Parable of the Princess in the Castle Graduation
Notes from Study Group Facilitator:

  • Please read the chapters before the group meeting and contemplate questions that you may have, the discussion questions that are provided and the assignments.
  • Keep a journal of your journey through this book of your insights, questions, appreciations and anything else that seems relevant.
  • The more you invest in this study, the more you will benefit and grow in your Christ Consciousness .


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  • Chapter-19-Study-Guide-Book-6.pdf

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  • Forward-to-Book-6.pdf

  • Chapter-2-Study-Guide-Book-6.pdf

  • Chapter-1-Study-Guide-Book-6.pdf

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