Book V - The Personal Christ

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Our Divine journey continues with this fifth volume, subtitled You are the Power of the Future. From the very beginning Jeshua reminds us of our Essene spiritual ancestry and our Atlantean energy. Published in the year 2008, this volume foreshadows our times as Jeshua guides us gently into the “New Consciousness”. He always enfolds us in LOVE and teaches us about our Oneness and our personal relationship with God. Mother Mary has a beautiful chapter in this book as well. Channeled through Judith Coates, this book is based on Jeshua Evenings sponsored by Oakbridge Press.
Just as with the first four volumes, this study group will be an opportunity for interactive discussions, exercises and meditations in a safe and sacred space. Jeshua participates with us sometimes too.
What you can expect to gain from attending this Jeshua Study Group:

  • Deepening of your understanding of Jeshua’s messages.
  • Applying them to your life and experiencing more Love, Peace and Joy and your Creative Divinity.
  • Manifesting your Holy Vision for the future in the ever present NOW.

  • Time: Wednesday evenings ( approximately every other week) beginning October 10 through April 2019 3-5 p.m. PT for 12 sessions (Oct. 10, 24, Nov. 14, 28, Dec. 12, Jan. 9, 23, Feb 6, 20, Mar 6, 20 & April 3)
  • Place: 101 Emerald Highlands Way, Sequim
  • Zoom Computer option for participation at a distance. Access details will be provided upon registration.
Who should attend: Everyone who is willing to study and apply Jeshua’s message. You need not have read the first four volumes to benefit from this one.

Facilitator: Eva McGinnis, ordained Oakbridge minister and facilitator for Jeshua books 1-4
Tuition: $130 or $120 if paid by 9/28/18.


      October 10
        Cpt. 1: The New Essenes
        Cpt. 2: Mysteries, Energies, and Predictions
      October 24
        Cpt. 3: Stages of Empowerment I
        Cpt. 4: Stages of Empowerment II
      November 14
        Cpt. 5: Stages of Empowerment III (Mother Mary)
        Cpt. 6: Rx For Changing Times
      November 28
        Cpt. 7: The Grid of Light
        Cpt. 8: Plugging into the Grid of Light
      December 12
        Cpt. 9: Servant of the Most High
        Cpt. 10: The Council of One (Joseph/St. Germain)
      January 9
        Cpt. 11: The Conversation of One
        Cpt. 12: Dimensions of Consciousness
      January 23
        Cpt. 13: A Personal Relationship With God
        Cpt. 14: The Value of A Life
      February 20
        Cpt. 15: Trust: Living the Simple Life
        Cpt. 16: The Year 2012
      March 6
        Cpt. 17: Celebrities, Presidents, and Worship
        Cpt. 18: Metaphysical Paranoia
      March 20
        Cpt. 19: Alignment With Soul
        Cpt. 20: God's Will, Man's Will
      April 3
        Cpt. 21: Living the Life of the Master
        Cpt. 22: The New Consciousness (Joseph/St. Germain)
      April 17
        Cpt. 23: Enjoy the Journey
        Cpt. 24: You Are the Power of the Future


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      • Study-Guide-Chapter-16.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-15.pdf

      • LOOK-UP-by-Thunderbeat-2017.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-14.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-13.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-12.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-11.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-10.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-9.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-8.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-7.pdf

      • From-Enoch-to-the-Dead-Sea-Scrolls.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-6.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-5.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-4.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-3.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-2.pdf

      • Study-Guide-Chapter-1.pdf

      • Lost-Teachings-of-Atlantis.pdf

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