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  • June 2020


        We are pleased to announce that this summer’s Advanced Intensive will be held as planned, (with some slight modifications), the third week of July, beginning on Sunday evening, the 19th, through Wednesday evening, the 22nd, 2020. The theme of this year’s gathering is 2020 Vision: The New Beatitudes.
        All events will be held via Zoom teleconferencing, brought to your home.
        Similar to last October’s Intensive, mornings will be open for each individual’s meditation/contemplation; afternoons, beginning at 1 p.m. PDT, will be an hour of Jeshua interacting with participants, followed by a workshop (approximately 2 to 3:30 p.m. PDT) by one of our outstanding guest lecturers (to be announced). Evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. PDT with live sharings by Jeshua, Father Joseph, Mother Mary and/or Mary Magdalene: lecture and questions.
        Because one of the great gifts of each Jeshua gathering has always been the friendships shared by the Heart Family, there will be a half hour of time for attendees to share with each other before each evening Zoom session. Tune in early to chat with each other! (Sorry; only virtual hugs this year....)
        Please see our webpage,, to register. Cost of tuition is on a sliding scale. Workshops are separate. Suggested donations for the workshops: $25 each or whatever you feel guided to give.
        This summer, if you can’t go Away, go Within! --Judith
  • May 2020


        Plans are now underway for our July 2020 Advanced Intensive. Following the pattern of last October’s Intensive, this July’s Christos Advance will combine the best features of a Jeshua (and Family) Advance with the best of an Intensive week.
         The special week will begin on Monday evening, July 20 , and conclude with the usual Q & A Evening, Friday, July 24 . All meetings will be held at the Solana Parkway Clubhouse in Sequim, Washington.
         Mornings will be open for your individual meditation schedule, followed by a highlighted Insight Sharing; afternoons will provide opportunities for dialogue with members of the group and with The Family (Jeshua, Mother Mary, Father Joseph and Mary Magdalene), and evenings will be short lectures, followed by additional dialogue with Family members.
         Jeshua is saying that this Intensive will build on the very successful Intensive held last October.
         There will be NO TUITION FEE. However, REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY so we can plan the lunches.
         See you in Sequim in July. Mark the dates on your calendar!


  • April 2020


        In last month’s Expanding Viewpoint we advertised a six-week book sale on all of Jeshua’s Personal Christ volumes: $10 per book plus FREE SHIPPING (Game Changer!).
        The response has been heart-warming; so much so, we have run out of Volume VII, Absolute Love, Infinite Light, and are having to reprint it (it should be available in two to three weeks).
        Especially popular have been Volumes I, which talks about channeling, Earth changes and predictions, marriage and relationships, plus much more; Volume III, messages given on Sundays at the Oakbridge Chapel, discussing various passages in the Bible (the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and Jesus’ life); and Volumes V and VI (You Are the Power of the Future and You Are the Power of Now) which talk about what we are experiencing now in our world and politics. How did he know? Or does history repeat itself?
        Speaking personally, having heard and read his teachings since we began this partnership in 1993, when I have recently picked up a volume and begun to read it again, I am in awe of how simple, yet how deep each chapter/teaching is, and how beautifully his Love comes through. How comforting his words are.
        We will extend the sale through the month of May: $10 per book plus FREE SHIPPING (even to Ireland; yes, we had a sales request from Ireland). Go to our website to order. Enjoy!


  • March 2020


         A wise man once said, “Life is a series of changes and opportunities.” – (Otis Deitz Black, 1960). Well, we are certainly seeing changes (and opportunities) now. With the advent of the Corona virus, all that was, is shifting. The Advanced Intensive scheduled for July has now been rescheduled for the third week in October, and if circumstances are favorable, we will have a mini Advance in July, either in person or via Zoom. Stay tuned for updates!
         However, along with the changes have come opportunities. For all of us who have been asking for more time at home to do various projects, now we are being ordered to stay home. I have been working from home for quite a while now, since the early 1990’s. At that time Oakbridge’s offices were in our home (and still are...). Now with the new emphasis on working from home and the new energy of change, I have time to begin work on Jeshua’s Volume VIII (working title, “Getting It Together”). (Smile) Stay tuned for updates.
         When Jeshua produced Volumes V and VI and titled them, You Are the Power of the Future and You Are the Power of Now, I thought he had them in reverse order, but he knew what he was doing. Those of you who have read Volume VI know that he was talking about the events of Now, 2019- 2020.
         This year Eva McGinnis has been leading a book study class (excellent) on Volume VI, and each reading has brought forth new insights as to how to see/interpret/respond to what is happening.
         If you would like to know what Jeshua says in Volume VI, You Are the Power of Now, (and if you have read it already, read it AGAIN for the first time), I have the deal for you: for the next Six weeks all Jeshua volumes will be available at the sale price of $10 each, plus FREE SHIPPING. What a deal! Order yours today!


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