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  • October 2020


         In just a couple of weeks (October 18-21) we will hold our October Intensive, featuring Kimberly Marooney, Bill Evans, Darrell Gray, Eva McGinnis, and, of course, Jeshua and Family. All sessions via Zoom, direct to your house.
         Beginning on the Sunday evening, the 18
    th, Kimberly will introduce one or more of the Angels who are being present and assisting with the Intensive, followed by Jeshua’s message (or a message from either Father Joseph, Mother Mary and/or Mary Magdaline.) All messages will be centered on the Intensive’s theme: 2020: The Year of the Deep Breath.
    On Monday afternoon we begin with a special hour: Jeshua interacting with attendees over Zoom, speaking personally to each one as time permits, from 12 noon (Pacific time) until 1 p.m. After an hour’s break, this will be followed by a 2-hour (approximately) workshop by the Rev. Dr. Bill Evans on “The Breath” (how to and why).
         Tuesday afternoon, in addition to the Jeshua personal time, we will be treated to a special workshop with Darrell Gray speaking about “The Smile” (and who should know better than Darrell, who is always smiling(!)?)
         Wednesday afternoon the 2-hour workshop time will be a visit with Eva McGinnis’ book study class on Jeshua’s Volume VII,
    Absolute Love, Infinite Light, chapters 17 and 18. (Do you have the book? It is available on our website.)
         Every Evening will have a virtual social time from 5:30 to 6
    p.m. to talk with each other via Zoom -- Eva McGinnis, hostess -- followed by Kimberly and Angels, then Jeshua and Family. Check our website for details and registration.
    Looking forward to seeing you!
              ~ Judith

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