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Jeshua and Family Advance

July 18-23, 2021

     This July we will gather together on Zoom and in person July 18th through July 23rd for our 26th Summer Advance (can you believe it?). This year we will be meeting both physically at the Center for Spiritual Living in Port Angeles, Washington (the next town over from Sequim), and on Zoom. The Evening meetings will follow the timing we have begun this month, beginning the evening session at 5 o’clock Pacific Daylight Time.
     Daytimes will feature specialized workshops by various speakers, available on Zoom and in person. An actual workshop schedule will be available next month. And there will be several field trips to the ocean for ones attending in person.
     The theme of this year’s Advance is “Waving: Incorporating the Individualized Energy of the Ocean to Bring about Remembrance.” Registration for the 5 Evenings and 4 days of workshops ($125 Evenings only; Evenings plus daytime workshops $200) available now on our website:
     See you at the Ocean!

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