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My Image

October 20 - 25, 2019

Sequim, WA.

It is time to finally realize, "I am the Christ who walks this plane. I am the most wonderful creator of even that which would say that I could be separate from my Creator. I am the Father individualized in this point of focus, and how wonderful that is--brought forth into manifest experience and expression. I am no longer separate even in my belief." — Jeshua

  • Jeshua invites us to take the next step toward consciousness expansion:

“This summer I began a message, a message with hints in it, that I would like to expand upon, to go deeper with the precious ones who are feeling the stirrings in the Heart to fully Realize that they are the Joy of the Father/Mother. They are ready to reach in more deeply into the Heart and Mind to know Me, the Christ of themselves, and to shine the Light of Love in a world that is truly crying out for Love.”
                              — Jeshua

  • Mornings will be devoted to inner work, connecting with Nature (inner and outer)
  • Afternoons will be sharings by ones so inspired, including Jeshua talking of His own inner Journey
  • Evenings will be Jeshua (and maybe Father Joseph/St. Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene sharing their Journeys to Awakening) with time for questions as they come up.
  • There will be no registration fees, no tuition cost, only voluntary love offerings to cover the cost of the lunches provided.

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