Diving Deeper With Jeshua

What Touched Your Heart?Ongoing Discussions of Jeshua's Monthly Messages

     On the first Saturday of every month, Jeshua, through Judith, gives us a message that is always relevant to our lives. Often he opens up whole new areas of information, revelations, remembrances and always he speaks to the empowerment of our Christ consciousness. The messages are so deep and heart-expanding that it is a challenge to react to them immediately to ask questions or discuss with Him.
     In this new format, we can hear Jeshua’s message on the first Saturday evening (5 pm PT) virtually. Then the following two weeks you can listen or watch the recording and read the transcript on the Oakbridge University website. Let the message “sink in” and listen to your inner self for what touches your heart, your mind, insights and what questions might arise. On the third Saturday of the month we will have an online discussion with each other and sometimes with Jeshua as well, about the message that He gave us.
     These sessions are held at 3:00 p.m. PT so more of our Heart Family all over the world can tune in and participate.      Donations are not required, but are appreciated.
     (If you registered for the Saturday Night Live event AND checked yes to "Also register me for the Diving Deeper" event, you do not have to register again.)

Photo by Joseph Northcutt courtesy of Unsplash

Diving Deeper Videos

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