Sun, 7/14
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    Upon Arrival
    Mon, 7/15
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    Tues, 7/16


    Wed, 7/17
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    9:00 - 30th Anniversary Celebration

    Thu, 7/18
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    Fri, 7/19
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    Sat, 7/20

    If continuing to stay in the area, the Lavender Festival is now in progress. Take the time and Breathe in the beauty!

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Special Music Provided by Charles Burrichter

Having graduated from Glassboro (New Jersey) State College and Temple University (Philadelphia) with degrees in Music, Music Education, and Fine Arts Administration, in my professional career I was a teacher and fine arts administrator in the United States and in overseas schools for over 40 years.
g my lifetime I have enjoyed meeting people from different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. I believe in the human spirit which lives within each one of us regardless of where we reside on this planet. From a sociological point of view it is amazing to me the many ways in which human beings have developed rules, laws, religion, etc. in order to meet basic human needs. I hope my music will bring you closer to the spirit, voice, soul, light which dwells within each of us. My personal theme is “Let There Be Peace on Earth” and let it begin with me.

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