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By Flowing Waters of the River of Life…

Oakbridge University is a haven of the heart - a Spiritual University and Chapel where all are family. Located on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, our family may be found around the globe. Connected by oneness of Spirit, we strive for:

  • Peace in the World,
  • Respect for All Life and
  • Empowerment of each person to fulfill his or her highest potential.

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Deeper and Higher

Fall Intensive Oct 20-25

“This summer I began a message, a message with hints in it, that I would like to expand upon, to go deeper with the precious ones who are feeling the stirrings in the Heart to fully Realize that they are the Joy of the Father/Mother. They are ready to reach in more deeply into the Heart and Mind to know Me, the Christ of themselves, and to shine the Light of Love in a world that is truly crying out for Love.”
                              — Jeshua

You Are the Power of Now

Book VI Study Begins in October

Study of Book VI "Jeshua: The Personal Christ" begins in October. These in-depth, heart stirring sessions, led by Rev. Eva McGinnis are a must for anyone wishing to go deeper into the teachings of Jeshua. Whether you attend in person or participate over ZOOM from anywhere in the world, join us this Fall.

Heart Felt Movie Night - Sept 21st!

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