Oakbridge University Activities


Book Studies

From the Jeshua: The Personal Christ series of book studies led by facilitator Eva McGinnis, to books with spiritual intent led by other facilitators, our studies offer you an opportunity to gain great spiritual insights. More information may be found by clicking here.


From Angels to the book of Revelation, workshops are available throughout the year for your spiritual, mental and emotional growth. Previous workshops have included the following:

  • Arch Angel Activation
  • Beginning and Advance Intuition
  • Ancestral Linage Release
  • The Positive Message of Revelation
Check out the Calendar for upcoming workshops


Meditations from the thoughts and words of Jeshua (as channelled by Judith Coates) are available for those who wish to turn more deeply within. Led by Eva McGinnis, they offer Love and Joy to all hearts. For an example, Click Here

Special Activities


A gathering of all interested individuals for the purpose of "Advancing" their Spiritual Growth. Usually held once a year in various locations, the Advance consists of daily workshops, group activities and a nightly channelling visitation by Jeshua or one of the Holy Family.


An Intensive is like an Advance, but… well, more intensive! Centered around individual and group development, with opportunities to ask questions of Jeshua (channelled by Judith Coates) as he guides us deeper into our personal growth, an Intensive is a new activity added in 2019 for the first time. In 2020 the Intensive was held over ZOOM, allowing many others to participate.

Evening With Jeshua

A monthly experience with Jeshua in expression through Judith Coates. This may be experienced via ZOOM©. For a video of a previous evening, Click Here.

Movie Night

A fun-filled evening at the movies! Held monthly, local members of the Heart Family meet to watch a heart-felt movie. Popcorn, snacks, and an intimate setting in a member's home make for a wonderful social gathering. For more information, Click Here. [Cancelled during the Covid-19 isolation.]

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